Awesome Free Google Tools for Digital Marketers

Awesome Free Google Tools for Digital Marketers

As everyone knows that Google is the essential search engine all around the world. We can’t predict our time without Google which gives solutions to almost all by a single click. Google is significantly more than a search engine. These Awesome free tools can assist you to:

  • Make brand awareness.
  • Master your brand status.
  • Involve more individuals with your brand.
  • Boost your SEO rankings.

Here we show you some awesome free Google tools and their uses to improve your ranking.

Google AdSense

An absolute tool to help digital marketers to profit from ads engaged on blogs or sites.
Key Features:

  • Offers you with amazing ads which are significant to your people or content.
  •  You can block and modify wherever the ad needs to show.
Google AdWords

It is a free tool for advertisers to direct paid search ads.
Key Features:

  • Support you range the target people at the correct times.
  • Direct your ads to your prospective clients in various locations.
  • Invite more people with realistic display ads, text ads, YouTube video ads, and much more.
Google Ads Keyword Planner

This is an incredible tool to enable you to find keywords to focus applicable audiences for your blog and site.
Key Features:

  • Assists you find applicable keywords with search volumes.
  • You can relate your keywords and set budget for Google Ads accordingly.
Google Analytics

The most viable tools for advertisers to help screen your site traffic.
Key Features:

  • Helps you comprehend your clients better and convey extraordinary client experiences.
  • Helps you enhance test ranges of your site and applications, and it guarantees you get significant result from real individuals.
Google Search Console

It helps advertisers, webmasters and SEO experts see how Google views your pages. It can give you detailed index and crawl status on your pages specifically from the Google index.
Key Features:

  • Helps you study your site performance and make progresses that may be required.
  • It also assists you in identifying the issues with your site so you can resolve them and get better rankings.
Google Trends

A useful tool that enables you to get the keywords search volumes and accordingly, you can settle on more relevant keyword selections. It also encourages you to investigate the most recent news, bits of knowledge, stories, and much more.
Key Features:

  • Allows you to see how search patterns fluctuate after some time in various areas and against each other.
  • It causes you run evaluations to see the changes between different inquiries.
  • It empowers you to perceive how search volumes fluctuate after some time.
Google My Business

It gives a chance to your business to show up in “Near Me” search results as in Google Maps.
Key Features:

  • It encourages you keep up exact data identified with your organization so individuals can contact you.
  • You can show your telephone numbers, opening times, and direction on Google Searches as well as Maps.
Digital Marketing Tools from Google

It enables you to improve your brand’s promotion, digital experience, analysis, and considerably more which includes Test My Site, Google Trends, Speed Scorecard, Consumer Barometer, Market Finder, Display Benchmark, and Google Surveys.
Key Features:

  • You can test your website speed both in mobile & desktop easily and improve it with the assistance of tips offered.
  • Help you make your test marketing strategy, make reviews to gather insights about consumer actions, and get standards for your ads.
Google Charts

It empowers advertisers envision data on their site through appealing graphs and tools. This is an incredible free Google device that is generally utilized with JavaScript installed website pages.
Key Features:

  • You can make simple line or pie graphs or can create complex hierarchical maps easily.
  • It enables you to tweak and tailor the charts according to your data and easily connect the charts into an interactive dashboard.