How to effectively manage risk using Agile Methodology for Mobile app development?

How to effectively manage risk using Agile Methodology for Mobile app development?

When we talk about mobile application development, there are many types of risk involved in it, and let us discuss more in detail:

  1. Personnel Risk
    This is a very common risk which occurs due to the unavailability of team members.
  2. Knowledge Risk
    This is nothing but, many times we may not have the necessary Domain knowledge or in otherwise, the person who has the right knowledge would have quit the job and in such situation if the knowledge transfer doesn’t happen properly it becomes too risky.
  3. Productivity Risk
    This is a notable risk when we are handling long term projects. The delivery and goals of these projects become challenging and there is no forecast for the deliverable.
  4. Time Risk
    The delivery will be delayed if our strategy is ineffective. When it comes to planning we cannot have crazy deadlines and keep changing it.
  5. Budget Risk
    This can be considered to be the most predominant one just as the agitator for different kinds to emerge. It is created because of the improvement work surpassing the genuine spending plan concluded.

Let’s see how we can deal with such risk using agile methodology:
In case of Agile methodology it is the responsibility of the team to take utmost care and resolved issues. Here I have listed few ideas on how effectively we can manage changes.

Personnel Risk – Resolution

Personnel Risk can be handled using squad-based development. Squads are nothing but the flexible team which will be made responsible for end to end delivery of each product. Each squad team will plan together and work together. This method also addresses the problem that arises when one person in the team is on vacation. Knowledge transfer is never a challenge.

Risk – Productivity – Sprint Based Development

Working on an iterative basis, their job is in building up a demo of the item inside a predetermined time period. The vision of transient achievement is executed solidly and energy is kept up where the work is separated into less complex tasks.

Risk – Budget Resolution – Rolling Wave Planning

When the work involves development, many times we will have to make assumptions, we will not be in the position to decide if it’s right or wrong until we get to know more details about the project.

In such a case the concept of Rolling Wave Planning will be more effective here. Ideally, the teams tend to take major decisions only during the right time and not in the first phase. The correct choice is made with the contribution of new information and alongside the movement of time and the item also. Subsequently, this hazard factor is chopped down and alongside assets, the time/cost factors are conserved.

Furthermore a budgeting plan for the entire project will be ready. Many time people overlook the value of this entire process because every product developed is different and thorough the understanding of the service we offer should be known to us as an entrepreneur.

Risk – Time

An adaptable and simple process can handle issues related to time delays.


Considering agile methodology for your product development will help you to effectively handle the pressure involved in product development. This aide in keeping up the required energy. When the team maintains the desired energy, we can plan to complete the project with great success.

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