Advantages of Joomla CMS For Developing a Website

Advantages of Joomla CMS For Developing a Website

Created in 2003 as a Content Management System with a distinction, Joomla presently has around three million websites running thereon. That’s quite an achievement, And it’s not while not reason that Joomla is taken into account to be an more and more common CMS. once WordPress, it’s thought of the world’s most well liked CMS and as of Gregorian calendar month 2015, it had been downloaded over fifty million times.

But, area unit these the sole advantages of Joomla CMS? Most definitely not! Scroll right down to bear everything that Joomla must give you.

It provides its users the liberty to form their terribly own websites, starting from business to private, and more. the advantages of opting Joomla CMS embody page caching, printable versions of pages, musician integration, RSS feeds, Google ReCAPTCHA, support for language internationalization, telescopic facet bars, blogs and what not.

Publishing Blogs on Joomla is as Easy as ABC

If you worry you need in depth information of CSS, PHP or hypertext mark-up language to use Joomla web design to form websites, then you couldn’t be additional wrong. It’s pretty straightforward to use once you get the droop of it, and therefore the solely factor you wish to grasp concerning uploading a diary is to easily copy paste the content and touch on the “publish” button. Yes, that’s just about it. scan this text on the way to discovered a diary in Joomla! to realize a far better perspective.

Open supply Infrastructure

Did you recognize that open supply computer code powers most of the internet? and therefore the king of open supply net scripting language is PHP. In fact, such is its quality that even biggies like Citibank and university like exploitation PHP. The language was wont to produce Joomla too, with MySQL being its go-to for information storage. this mixture has created it that a lot of easier for developers across the world to form extensions for Joomla, moreover as supporting the CMS itself.


With over 8000 Joomla extensions, you there’s simply no limit to however purposeful and interactive you’ll be able to create your web site. For those desperate to add social media widgets onto their web site to integrate social networking, you have got an extension for that! If you would like to target client feedback and want to form many customize forms, don’t worry – Joomla extensions have gotten your back! These extensions area unit divided into thirty three totally different classes, together with communication, editing, marketing, social, languages, website management and living. each extension is clearly labeled and is given a rating out of five stars to point precisely however helpful (or however useless) it’s for users. Review classes embody practicality, support, easy use and documentation. Exhaustive, right? however it’s one in every of the simplest advantages of this platform.

Content Management is a Piece of Cake

The primary operate of Joomla is content management. this suggests that not like in different C Mses, in Joomla, you’ll be able to simply manage users with numerous permission levels simply and while not having to modify tabs. Second, making a replacement web site in an exceedingly specific ranked order is extraordinarily straightforward. What this suggests is that you just will produce and access your web site in an exceedingly efficient, like this chart – website>blog section>articles on SEO> 2015>What area unit the advantages of SEO? wish to grasp additional professionals of choosing Joomla CMS? As is often the case, you are doing not need ANy committal to writing expertise to form your websites in an orderly fashion, and that’s as a result of Joomla was engineered to try and do that within the initial place. you furthermore may get complete management of all the weather of your web site via your body panel.

E-commerce Becomes Easy with Joomla

If you’re an e-commerce company that’s still considering concerning that CMS to pick, well, you needn’t ponder any longer. Joomla is AN e-commerce friendly CMS that gives several parts created specifically for e-com. as an example, you’ll be able to simply manage your product and their content while not having to modify over tabs to try and do your job. Then there area unit third party parts that run within the Joomla like Virtue mart. It provides you many choices like PayPal and Google Checkout, shipping, product management and payment gateways. The shelter deck is that it’s terribly straightforward to use, very like Joomla different e-commerce answer – RokQuickCart. These parts area unit ideally suited to a corporation that encompasses a business presence on-line and would really like to feature a cart system to their existing Joomla! And as is often the case, Joomla CMS means that you get your own set of awe-inspiring e-commerce extensions.

A Strong User Community

Did you recognize that Joomla encompasses a community of over two hundred 000 users? What this suggests that every and each single one in every of those individuals have used this CMS and might assist you out with any downside that you’re facing. How? as a result of something you’re facing straight away has already been solved by them! each single person there is thought of a tester, and therefore the Joomla community is outstandingly active. Loopholes, updates, security considerations, computer code bugs – everything is detected terribly quickly and uploaded on its forum. In fact, the community encompasses a high variety of net developers, whose presences ensures that Joomla security updates area unit received as before long as attainable. you’ll be able to additionally create use of the Joomla Documentation to induce access to a wealth of on-line resources for extra facilitate and support.

Built-in Basic SEO Functionality

Joomla is SEO friendly, and one in every of the most benefits is that computer programmer Friendly URLs area unit in-built it. Initially, all that you just had to try and do was to alter them so as for them to induce you higher SEO company in the world rankings. However, this feature is on by default since Joomla 1.6.
You furthermore may have the liberty to decide on your own meta keywords and meta description of your web content, that once more improves your SEO. Very cheap line is that Joomla web development permits you to try and do basic SEO yourself. And if you would like, you’ll be able to create your web site additional SEO friendly by merely following these eleven steps. If that’s not enough for you, then rather than paying cash to rent office to try and do SEO for you, you’ll be able to create the foremost of all that Joomla must provide in terms of SEO practicality is to easily transfer the simplest SEO plugins the CMS must provide.