Top 4 Strategy for Developing a Successful Mobile Application

Top 4 Strategy for Developing a Successful Mobile Application

With over six million apps on Apple Store and Google Play, most of the app developers and publishers might have to bother breaking even, as well as creating a profit! aiming to build an app around the plan you’re thinking that can either add nice price in individual markets or can add nice recreation price, isn’t a straightforward task.

As mobile application development company and associated practices for the last eight years, we tend to have a chance to collaborate with varied kinds of enterprises and entrepreneurs, helping them to implement their business ideas as apps. throughout this method of collaboration, we’ve determined the number of those products (Apps) turning into terribly undefeated that some didn’t even attain.

This gave US valuable insights on the factors that outline the app’s success. This post provides details and insight on however product house owners of these undefeated apps approached coming up with, implementation and promoting of their product.

Every new business, despite the realm of enterprise, has to serve one amongst the 2 objectives so as for it to become undefeated. It ought to either be:

  • AN improved, additional valuable version of an existing solution/process/product or
  • Be a very new concept/idea, reasonably game changer for that market

And most of the time, new apps being developed by app entrepreneurs area unit an improved version of an existing product within the market. we’ve seen several merchandises of our customers turning into in good order undefeated with this approach wherever they worked on adding additional price to existing apps within the market – something starting from higher married woman to further helpful options or an additional cheap price, resulting in higher acceptance by app users and so success.

Making an app undefeated demands meticulous coming up with, research and analysis, hand-holding throughout development phase(For non-tech entrepreneurs) and well thought out-diffusion strategy. Following area unit the key phases of finding a product-market work and life cycle of app development and launch that our undefeated customers followed:

  • Problem/Solution statement and Business strategy Design
  • Development
  • Testing and Roll out
  • Distribution and promoting
1. Problem/Solution statement and Business strategy

As we tend to already mentioned, each business has to solve a haul to achieve success. the most question you would like to raise yourself is “What is that the objective of the app”. Your app plan ought to either be ready to solve a key issue users/businesses face or ought to be conveyance one thing your potential market has ne’er seen before. This stage will be labeled as “Need Analysis”. If there’s a requirement, there’s a powerful foundation for the app to achieve success.

In order to spot the requirements, you’ll perform a user analysis for the target phase, market, and existing solutions. you’ll use on-line info and surveys to gather the desired info. you ought to additionally determine and build elaborated stories explaining the situation wherever users face the issues your app is making an attempt to unravel. It’ll assist you to measure the matter.

Once wants And an associated resolution is established, the successive challenge is to spot the revenue models. several businesses and entrepreneurs leave the business model finalization for later stages. info, recreation, and utility-based mostly apps will build their business model around in-app purchases with a freemium model.

Many entrepreneurs come with an ad-based model solely. This strategy will worsen user expertise and have an effect on app downloads and user retention. rather than wishing on ads, developers ought to style the app in such means that users can appreciate the worth it adds for them, and inspire users to buy premium options. if it’s a free (ad-based mostly revenue model) or a freemium model.

Information design could be another side concerning ads that have to be taken into thought at the terribly starting of app development is a downside that might occur at a later stage. Ad-space ought to be incorporated into app-style in such how that these don’t interfere with the knowledge users need to access, so providing more robust user expertise.

2. Design

From what we’ve determined, design (UX) plays the foremost necessary half in AN app’s success. what’s plausible to be an app’s success will vary looking on user and business necessities.

For example, the success of a game or an app in recreation class will be outlined in terms of frequent usage, long session time and high retention, whereas a utility app’s success will be outlined supported however quickly a user learns to use it so however, simply the tasks area unit accomplished.

Good style is crucial for the success of AN app because:

  • It helps a user find out how to use the app additional quickly
  • It makes the app simple to use
  • Design assures additional engagement exploitation right triggers
  • The app is esthetically pleasing
  • User’s emotional wants are being consummated, at the side of the useful necessities place ahead of an app

To achieve the higher than goals, you need a UX Design team and therefore the whole approach to the event ought to be user-centric, wherever business and development goals ought to align with user’s goals.

The necessary issue to know concerning design is that it’s not simply however it’s. The style consists of graphic design, info design and data style, and interaction style. whereas planning an app for a specific platform (iOS, Android, or web), it’s necessary to research and incorporate varied style tips specific to the platform so user expertise remains consistent.

3. Development

There area unit several challenges and queries app house owners typically face whereas developing applications. Here area unit a number of them:

  • Whether app ought to be developed exploitation Hybrid or Native technologies?
  • Whether ought to we tend to launch with one platform solely or with multiple?
  • Which server-side technology stack ought to we tend to choose?
  • How will the communication between shopper aspect and server aspect groups be improved for higher API design & development, additional significantly, if the groups area unit operating remotely?
  • Which development methodology is appropriate; water, agile or a mixture of water and agile?
  • And lastly, whether or not one ought to use test-driven development (TDD) or have faith in manual testing?

Answers to those challenges and queries depend upon varied factors. as an example, the event methodology will depend upon the project agreement or the preference of the event team. different examples will be whether or not to use TDD or not. The choice, during this case, depends on price and deadlines. Another frequent question we tend to face is whether or not to travel with the hybrid app or native apps.

A hybrid app engineered exploitation Xamarin or HTML5 might save on price and time, and in several cases wherever apps aren’t too complicated or comprehensive, can deliver similar performance as that of native apps but once apps become additional comprehensive they’ll not be ready to deliver identical level of user expertise and performance to users because the native versions do. so the trade-off has to be evaluated and compared terribly thoughtfully.

4. Marketing

We have consulted with over two hundred purchasers United Nations agency had AN app development strategy within the past, and to our surprise hardly five-hitter of them had a minimum of 100 percent of budget allotted for promoting activities and distribution of the app.

With each app class having thousands of apps, and over two million apps on the market on each store cumulatively, it’s turning into progressively tough for brand spanking new apps to differentiate themselves and stay on user’s device with high usage. Therefore, it’s of the essence to speculate each time and cash to plug your app.

With our expertise, we’ve felt that a minimum of half-hour of total budget ought to be allotted for a few types of promoting activities. Unless, of course, your aim is totally different and you would like to focus on a particular focus cluster or develop the app only for validation. In terribly rare cases, once the concept is thus distinctive, apps attain nice virality with none promoting efforts.

Followed area unit a number of the key To-Dos associated with App marketing:

App’s website

Your app has to have its own residence i.e. a tiny low microsite. Before the launch, you ought to have a launch page for early birds sign-on. after we engineered our 1st app in 2011, we tend to create positive that it had its own website and to our surprise, the positioning brought uncountable traffic to our mobile apps.

Explanatory Videos

It’d be overpriced to create a well-designed, full-fledged video however if the budget permits it, then this can be one amongst the simplest things to try to to. or else, you’ll merely produce AN “How app works” reasonably videos exploitation varied screens of app and your own vocalization.

Blog and Social media

Beginning a weblog and having social media accounts on all social networking platforms could be a terribly basic recommendation you’ll get. However, what we’ve noticed by interacting with varied purchasers is that they post on these social networks for the sake of posting, and do not produce awareness and engagement with the readers. each post you write has to produce price for readers and may drive engagement. These engagements can assist you to urge insights into varied types of users, which may be helpful to boost your product and repair.


One amongst the normal and effective ways that of promoting a mobile application is by making a pre-release buzz through press announcements. Get the press to figure for you. This helps produce curiosity among mobile apps users and will increase the quantity of downloads.

Try and determine the journalists who add specific domains either associated with your target phase or in your app’s class and get in touch with them along with your app’s temporary. this can be typically more practical than typical paid or public press releases (but nevertheless, they beyond question facilitate as well).

App recommendation engines and platforms

Distribute and list your app to as several recommendations and review sites as potential. a number of these platforms very take their work seriously and review every app terribly meticulously. There area unit various different (both free and paid) strategies to distribute and to plug an app. The secret’s to spot the platform or place your end-users area unit on the market at, and align your promoting strategy consequently.


As you’ll have determined, the app’s success could be a combination of well thought out strategy and meticulous implementation. it’s not driven by anybody’s specific issue and wishes nice efforts on initial strategy and every section of development. In our future posts, we’ll share additional insights on the particular points mentioned higher than with examples, and additionally, reveal the established reasons for the success of thriving enterprises and shopper apps.