Top ways to prove the value of SEO

Top ways to prove the value of SEO

Google’s Algorithm is getting smarter day by day. Through Artificial Intelligence and machine learning it is continuously evolving, so it becomes challenging to get to the top of Google’s page. Since SEO is becoming more challenging and SERP constantly changing, let’s see how we can find out ways to prove the value of SEO to our potential clients or boss. Let’s dig more into it. Proving the value of SEO: Verifying the value of SEO depends on your client’s goal on what they need to change to get their website in Google’s top place. This can be done through local search, content marketing, technical optimization or app store optimization. With this, we will have to show performance improvement to get more funding and make your client successful.


* Use paid search data to show the cost acquiring the traffic through paid data * Get a test budget * See how competitors win through different SEO strategy and tactics * Try to use some ROI model to show the improvements. * Track performance and results through reports. ROI: Return on Investment is one of the best ways to show incremental gains through visibility, traffic, and revenue. The best way to compare the result is to make use of an Excel sheet and aggregate all data for all keywords. In this model, you can use click through and conversion by a search engine for every keyword. You can see the projected state to see a change in expected to see conversions from improving rank, conversion, or other metrics. The Goal of the Keyword module is to collect keywords that can rank high, or a combination of ones with strong conversion or make long tail keywords. Once we work on the keyword strategy, we need to focus on creating contents for those keywords and the ones that facilitate a conversion. The paid search reporting allows estimating the true conversion potential of keywords. Data source include:

  1. Keywords: Internal site search, SEMrush, analytics, Google Keyword Tool, Keyword I/O
  2. Average Monthly search: SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Tool, Keyword I/O.
  3. Conversion: Analytics, conversion reporting tools, Google Ads data, client estimates.
  4. Domain search rank: Ahrefs, SEMrush.
  5. Share of clicks by SERP#: Based on best industry data available

Cost to acquire keyword through paid: Another way to project the value of SEO is to compare it with the cost of getting it through paid search. It is better to work using organic method otherwise the cost to buy them will be more. Get a budget: Another way to improve SEO is to get a small budget from your client.  With this small budget, you can perform a small test project and show them that even with less budget we can show results because SEO is a time-consuming process. Apart from this you can also show work on some off-page technique to show an increase in keywords ranking and other performance metrics.  Now let’s say if you have done some analysis: Optimize the contents of the page to be more relevant to the search query. Work on creating more holistic contents that can answer all the queries. Google like the page that has more relevant information for the given query. Generating Reports: We can generate reports through Google’s search console, the reports will have information about the number of clicks, impressions. Apart from this, there are other ways to show the report. Ahref has a nice reporting tool that will show the rankings in the past and in the present. Traffic and conversion : Analytics will help us to understand the organic traffic to the website, and also help us to understand the conversion metrics. Say for example how many people visited the website and out of which how many were converted. All these information can be collected through Analytics. Show competitors winning: We can use tools like Ahref and show them that the competitors are performing well with better contents, and generally, clients hate to see that their competitors are growing with better SEO strategy and they will also want to implement the same to grow their business. Hence we all know that SEO is not immediate, it takes a long time to show the result in an organic way, the above tips can be used to show clients and prove the value of SEO to them.